Castle Point Wildlife Group

Tips and advice

This page is designed to give some top tips and advice on helping wildlife in your garden and surrounding area.
If you have any tips please send them to us via the contact page.
  • Grow a small patch or plant a container with nettles. The butterflies will love them.
  • Always keep fresh water out for birds especially in warm weather and even in winter.
  • In winter ensure the water is kept ice free it is a life line for birds.
  • If you put up nest boxes, ensure they are out of reach of cats and are not in direct sun so they are cool.
  • Don't use chemical insecticides to kill aphids, use a diluted spray of washing up liquid
  • Why not sow some wildflower seeds and keep a small patch of your garden natural
  • Sow sunflowers, and when they die back lay the seed heads out for the birds to feed on
  • Join Castle Point Wildlife Group and help conserve the wildlife in Castle Point!!!

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